Centogene: Prenatal Genetic Testing Beyond NIPT

Major fetal structural anomalies occur in approximately 2 – 4% of all pregnancies. Thanks to major advancements in emerging genetic technologies over the last decades, prenatal diagnostics are now more accessible and accurate than ever before. Join CENTOGENE’s Dr. Peter Bauer, Chief Genomic Officer (CGO), and Dr. Maximilian Schmid, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Diagnostics, as they discuss the latest approaches to prenatal screenings, including Exome Sequencing, Genome Sequencing, and Microarrays.

Don’t miss out on learning about the proven and practical approaches to caring for your patients in the prenatal setting.

Key Topics:
• Genetic risks in pregnancies
• When to choose NIPT?
• When to think beyond
• Prenatal Exome Sequencing
– Indications
– Diagnostic yield
– Case example

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