Centogene: Prenatal Genetic Testing Beyond NIPT

Major fetal structural anomalies occur in approximately 2 – 4% of all pregnancies. Thanks to major advancements in emerging genetic technologies over the last decades, prenatal diagnostics are now more accessible and accurate than ever before. Join CENTOGENE’s Dr. Peter Bauer, Chief Genomic Officer (CGO), and Dr. Maximilian Schmid, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Diagnostics, as Read More

NEW major process upgrade establishes industry-leading accuracy & specificity for HLA-A

Until now, a common industry approach for testing HLA-A 31:01 (tag SNP rs1061235) has produced a high false positive rate of approximately 40%. Without separate verification, this could have the clinical outcome of inappropriately excluding the use of a valuable drug, carbamazepine which is associated with a 5-fold increased incidence in hypersensitivity reactions in the presence of this allele.