ACE Clinical Exome™


The ACE Clinical ExomeTest for Undiagnosed Genetic Conditions

The ACE Clinical Exome™ test is a clinical diagnostics service that is appropriate when a patient has a disorder that his or her doctor thinks is caused by a difference in one of their genes, but it is difficult to identify the exact genetic cause.

What is the ACE Clinical Exometest?

The ACE Clinical Exome™ test differs from many other types of genetic tests because instead of looking at only one or a few genes, the test looks at approximately 20,000 genes in the human genome to arrive at a potential genetic cause and diagnosis.

Is ACE Clinical Exometesting suitable for me?

If you have a disorder that your doctor thinks is caused by a difference in one of your genes, but your doctor is not sure what it is, or knows what it is but there is no other suitable genetic test available, the ACE Clinical Exome™ test may be appropriate for you. The ACE Clinical Exome™test must be ordered by a physician so your doctor would need to determine that it is an appropriate test to offer you.

How can ACE Clinical Exomehelp me manage my condition?

The ACE Clinical Exome™ test may provide insights into the genetic basis of the disorder that prompted testing. This information may assist your clinician in the management of your condition, and may provide useful information to you and your family members.

What are the unique advantages of the ACE Clinical Exome test from Personalis?

Unlike other exome sequencing tests, the ACE Clinical Exome™ test has been specifically designed to maximize the chance of finding the causes of patients’ genetic conditions.

ACE Clinical Exome™ FAQs

[accordion] [accordion-item title=”What is the process to submit a DNA sample for Personalis ACE Clinical exome genetic testing?”]The process begins with your physician placing a test request. The lab will not accept a sample without a requisition from a licensed physician. Once a test requisition is received, a sample collection kit will be sent to your physician. The instructions for using our collection kit are here and are also included in every kit. The sample will be sent to the Personalis Laboratory. Once testing is complete, a report will be provided to the ordering physician. [/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Can I use any other sample collection kit that is not provided by Personalis?”]No! Our processes have been optimized and validated with the kits we provide. [/accordion-item] [/accordion] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”Which completed forms must accompany my sample?”] The patient must sign an Informed Consent Form which will be submitted with their sample. The consent form will be used to match your sample to the ordering physician’s test requisition. Samples received without these forms cannot be processed. [/accordion-item] [/accordion] [accordion-item title=”Who will receive the test results?”]Personalis will provide your test report to the physician or healthcare professional who ordered the test. [/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Why are the results of testing sent directly to the ordering physician rather than the patient or parent of a patient?”]Results are sent to the physician or healthcare professional to provide the physician with the opportunity to discuss the result interpretation and any follow-up testing with you. [/accordion-item]