Cardio inCode®


Cardiovascular Risk

Coronary artery diseases are the main cause of death worldwide. The reduction of myocardial infarctions has been possible through the right stratification of individuals to their cardiovascular risk and the reduction of classical causing factors such as high cholesterol levels, smoking or hypertension.

What is Cardio inCode®?

Cardio inCode® is a genetic test which evaluates an individual’s biomarkers related to the cardiovascular risk and helps to better establish the real cardiovascular risk of the patient.

Is Cardio inCode® suitable for me?

Any individual above 36 years old would be suitable to know the cardiovascular risk. However, those individuals with family history of myocardial infarctions or those having elevated levels of classical risk factors and are smokers should be prioritized. Please speak to your doctor or cardiologist to discuss if this test is suitable for you.

How can Cardio inCode® help me manage my condition?

It is not possible to modify genetics. However by reducing classical factors, for example quitting smoking, reducing cholesterol levels, controling hypertension, the overall risks will be reduced. If testing indicates that you are in a high-risk group, your doctor can suggest methods, including life-style changes to manage your risk.

What is the unique advantage of the Cardio inCode® test from Ferrer inCode?

The Cardio inCode® is the first genetic test in its class. It has been validated in population studies and demonstrated a better reclassification power compared to existing clinical algorithms alone.

Cardio inCode® FAQs

[accordion][accordion-item title=”What is the process to submit a DNA sample for Cardio inCode® genetic testing?”]The process begins with your physician placing a test request. The lab will not accept a sample without a requisition from a licensed physician. Once a test requisition is received, a sample collection kit will be sent to your physician. The instructions for using our collection kit are here and are also included in every kit. The sample will be sent to the Ferrer inCode Laboratory. Once testing is complete, Ferrer inCode will provide a report to the ordering physician.[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Can I use any other sample collection kit that is not provided by Ferrer inCode?”]No! Our processes have been optimized and validated with the kits we provide. [/accordion-item] [/accordion] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”If my physician ordered more than one test for me, do I have to provide a tube of saliva for each test?”] No. A single saliva collection will normally provide enough DNA to complete multiple tests. If we determine that we do not have enough DNA to perform the tests requested by your ordering physician, we will contact your physician to collect more sample. [/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Which completed forms must accompany my sample?”] The patient must submit a completely filled out and signed Informed Consent Form with their sample submission. The consent form will be used to match your sample to the ordering physician’s test requisition. Samples received without these forms cannot be processed.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Who will receive the test results?”] Ferrer inCode will provide your test report to the physician or healthcare professional who ordered the test.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”Why are the results of testing sent directly to the ordering physician rather than the patient or parent of a patient?”]Results are sent to the physician or healthcare professional to provide the physician with the opportunity to discuss the result interpretation and any follow-up testing with you.[/accordion-item]