NeXT Dx Test


What is the NeXT Dx™ Test?

The Personalis NeXT Dx™ Test is a comprehensive genomic testing solution that enables physicians to identify potential targeted and/or immunotherapy options, evidence of drug resistance and clinical trial options for patients with solid tumors.

  • The test profiles ~20,000 genes
  • Whole-exome and transcriptome analysis
  • Genomic alterations reported in up to 247 cancer-related genes
  • SNVs, indels, CNAs from DNA and fusions from RNA
  • Additional biomarkers results reported: MSI, Exome-wide TMB
  • Test performed at CAP-CLIA certified laboratory


Unique to the NeXT Dx™ Test

  • ACE Technology – Achieve enhanced coverage and uniformity across exome
    • ACE Technology provides augmented coverage of difficult-to-sequence gene regions across the entire exome.
  • 20,000 Genes sequenced at ~300x
    •  74.8 Mb total footprint
    • Covers all genes, noncoding introns/exons, promoters, splice sides, UTRs
  • 247 Cancer-related genes sequenced at ≥1000x
    • Gene List
    • >99% specificity for all variant types; 99.5% sensitivity for SNVs at ≥ 5% AF; 98.7% sensitivity for indels at ≥ 10% AF; 97.2% sensitivity for CNAs in samples with ≥ 30%
  • RNA Analysis for enhanced fusion detection
    • Sensitivity for the fusion detection is 94.9%
  • True TMB from Exome & MSI for immunotherapy decisions
    • Exome-wide TMB is the gold standard (Merino et al., Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2020) and is not extrapolated from 247 genes