Xstrahl 200


Xstrahl 200

Ideal for treating many superficial skin cancers, the Xstrahl 200 X-ray system can also be used to treat dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, and a range of other benign conditions such as Dupuytren’s Contracture, Peyronie’s Disease and Gynecomastia. In addition, the Xstrahl 200 enables orthovoltage therapy for palliative care, including treatment of soft tissue metastases and secondary lesions.

Thanks to its leading design, treatment using the Xstrahl 200 provides an all-round positive experience for every patient. The flexibility of the unit means that the treatment is less stressful from the outset and thanks to its unique design the treatment is pain-free, with no surgical scarring. The low energy means pinpoint accuracy, so healthy skin isn’t affected. The fast treatment means a large reduction in time and impact on the patient’s day-to-day life, whilst providing a highly effective treatment for superficial skin conditions.

The Xstrahl 200 can be floor or ceiling mounted, making it easy to install alongside other equipment and adaptable where space is restricted. The intuitive machine controls have been ergonomically designed to provide the operator with smooth, controlled movements at all times allowing the radiation therapist to easily position the unit  and smooth adjustment and easy set up for each treatment field, ensuring patient comfort wherever the treatment site.

The unit’s small footprint enables installation in a compact space, and its mobility makes for better use of space within the treatment room. Its low energy and short exposure times means the treatment room requires less shielding compared to a high energy linear accelerator.

The range of movement in the treatment arm enables smooth adjustment and easy set up for each treatment field. Its flexibility makes it particularly suited for treating lesions that are difficult to access, such as the head and neck; and without compromising patient comfort.

Treatable Conditions

Superficial therapy

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Keloid scars
  • Dermatological conditions including psoriasis
  • Mycosis fungoides

Benign conditions

  • Dupuytren’s
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Hypertrophic disorders

Palliative care

  • Soft tissue metastases
  • Secondary lesions

Full list of conditions

Xstrahl 200 Software

Concerto and Fisica software, provides the user with everything they need to provide best in class treatment for every patient.

Concerto, the new clinical interface, provides an intuitive workflow for treatments and creates a unique and detailed clinical record for each patient, including treatment images. Its has been designed to provide a comprehensive yet simple workflow for the creation and treatment of your patients. X-ray therapy is utilised for a wide range of clinical conditions, each with a unique patient prescription and treatment position, the ability to link images to each treatment field provides a clinical record of the delivered exposure. For patients with multiple fields Concerto provides a simple and easy method to recall and create new treatment fields.

Fisica, the interface between the physicist and the system hardware, is a highly customizable password controlled user level application that enables configuration of the Xstrahl system.


  • Concerto will allow users to integrate with 3rd party platforms, enabling the importation of patient lists and treatment plans.
  • Offers advanced levels of user authority
  • Enables the clinician to have patient pictures alongside patient information.
  • Ability to import treatment images.
  • Capable of running multiple languages, including Cyrillic text.
  • Ability to run treatment exposures and a choice of warm ups.
  • Each patient is stored in the system under a unique ID.
  • Each operator uses their unique user name and password to log on. Offering enhanced level of security and tracebility.
  • The Advantage Database is available on Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Ability to upload onto Client server or Local database.


Accurate application ensures that healthy skin isn’t affected, the treatment is pain-free, and speed of treatment means less impact on the patient’s day-to-day life. And with no surgical scarring, the cosmetic results are excellent.

The Xstrahl 200 is supplied with four 20 cm FSD open and six 50 cm FSD closed clinical applicators

Xstrahl is devoted to ensuring you have the best applicators for your needs, and so we offer bespoke applicator creation on request, additional standardized applicators, focal spot applicators, and our new range of oval applicators, designed to be used between the boundary of the lip and facial skin.

The applicators are interlocked in the head of the treatment machine, ensuring any exposure may only be delivered with the correct applicator attached. The applicators are manufactured from stainless steel and have clear Perspex® viewing ends, which allow the radiographers to accurately position the applicator to achieve skin apposition prior to treatment.

Technical Specification

kV and mA Range – kV range is 20kV to 220kV. mA range is 2mA to 30mA. mA can be programmed to achieve required output (cGy/min).
Treatment Exposures – Treatment exposures are set in Monitor Units. Integrated real time dosimetry.
Clinical Interface – Concerto software enables simple and easy clinical interfacing.
Physics Calibration Interface – Fisica software allows for configuration, calibration and maintenance.
Support System – Xstrahl 200 can be floor/wall or ceiling mounted.
Optional Planning Software – XBeam treatment planning software is available as an optional extra.
Optional 3rd Party Communication Software – XBridge 3rd party communication software is available as an optional extra.

For full product specifications; including applicators and accessories, download our free online brochure by clicking the button below. Alternatively, if you’re still unsure as to which product suits you give us a call or make an enquiry.